full-service digital marketing agency
full-service digital marketing agency
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Alibaba.com Global Gold Supplier Membership

International Exposures. Global Business. Unlimited Opportunities.

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  • Expand global networking
  • Grow your business internationally
  • Capitalize global buyers

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Global eCommerce Platforms

The platforms connect all the buyers and suppliers around the world and transform electronic trading into a more effective and demanding market.


Why Join Alibaba.com?

Alibaba.com, as the global e-commerce platform, is active and demanding in over 200 states. It is a powerful business tool that offers real-time analytical tools to better manage your online business that leading to a steep upward trend in sales.

Enhance Global Exposures

Smart advertising tools enable all businesses to be exposed or target the exact global customers by using product keywords tools.

Increase Lead Acquisition

There are tools for businesses to customize an online store for your products that can be utilized easily.

Better In Decision Making

The availability of in-depth data analysis tools such as click volume and store visits can assist in better decision making.


Why Choose Us?

Our team will guide you through the journey of transforming your businesses digitally by providing top-quality services. We aim to increase brand exposure and expand the business connection for an astonishing accomplishment.



We aim to consult your needs and generate a customized solution for your business because no one solution fits all.


Resolution Seeker

We are innovators who are ready in guiding you to seek answers to every obstacle that may arise

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Grow Your Business Globally

Stepping into a global e-commerce market could be your only solution for your business to improve and grow internationally. Embrace and leap at every opportunity available that can potentially upgrade your business globally.


Our Successful Stories

Look at how our client expanding their business with the Alibaba.com service. It’s never too late to understand more about Alibaba.com membership. Engage with us and you can also be the one who is capable to yield profit by becoming an Alibaba.com seller.

Boost Your Business

Choose Alibaba.com, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms worldwide and become one of the Gold Suppliers. To obtain sustainable business growth in this competitive market, we have to differentiate ourselves from competitors.


What Our Clients Says


Ms. Eva Toh

Marketing Director, Kong Sing Trading

We have been in the B2B business for a very long time & just tapped our foot into B2C market. Our company have engaged Innovative Hub as our digital marketing team to help us with the expansion. They have successfully executed the marketing plan & helped us grow our sales pipeline across multiple digital channels. We’re very satisfied with the service & their efforts. Our company would like to express our appreciation for Innovative Hub & the team.


Mr. Andrew Wong

Managing Director, Smart Fert Sdn Bhd

A great experience working with Innovative Hub for our website development and assisting us to execute our digital marketing plan in penetrating the larger market. This project has helped us grow our business over time.


Ms. Mei Hooi

Marketing Manager, Sea-Ray Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd

Innovative Hub help improves our website & we get new inquiry since this improvement. Their service is good & will give their professional opinion to solve our problem.

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Innovative Hub is a trustable and reliable solution provider that seek digital marketing solutions for your businesses. We offer a full range of digital marketing services and assist all customers who want to become a Gold Supplier on Alibaba.com.