Google Ads is the first company that comes to mind when considering digital ads.

It’s because Google primarily controls the lion’s share of the search engine market. If you want to promote your products or services, Google Ads is a good marketing option. Its main advantages are that you can get a quick result, measure your results, and then adjust the ad settings to improve your business.

The search engines generate $ 279.8 billion of the company’s $ 224.47 billion in revenue. It is the market leader in online advertising due to its advertising tools, which allow you to target users across platforms such as YouTube, Maps, and third-party websites. Want to be seen by customers as they search Google for the products and services you provide? Google Ads is used by over a million businesses to do exactly that. So why should you use Google Ads? Here are six reasons why you should use ads for advertising.

1. Google Ads Can Be Measured

Online marketing is highly measurable compared to traditional marketing channels such as TV and magazine advertising, and Google Ads PPC is one of the most measurable online channels. Making precise measurements in SEO is difficult because you only sometimes know what actions resulted in higher or lower rankings. Then there’s the “not provided” debacle. Social media can be just as difficult to quantify. In comparison, Google Ads is more transparent, offering a plethora of PPC metrics that allow you to see what works and what doesn’t at a granular level. You can quickly determine whether your campaigns are sucking money or returning it.

2. Capability To Capitalize On The Audience’s Intent

Have you ever felt that Google knows more about your preferences than your best friend? This is because Google’s intelligent algorithms can detect user intent and serve them exactly what they require.

Assume you’re advertising on social media or websites where the user primarily intends to browse the web or interact on social media. Therefore, your advertisement must be exciting and powerful enough to persuade users. You can use Google Ads to target users looking for your company’s product. This gives you a competitive advantage over other advertising channels and allows you to generate more leads.

3. Budgetary Constraints

It isn’t easy to believe, but there was a time when marketers struggled to keep their ad campaigns within budget. Unfortunately, placing hoardings all over town, making radio announcements, and distributing leaflets are all ineffective marketing methods. Google Ads combats wasteful spending by giving you complete control over spending your money. You can set daily budget limits, target specific keywords, and assign bids. Furthermore, you are only charged when an ad is clicked. This way, your advertising dollars will only be spent on activities that are important to you.

4. Increased Conversions

We are well aware of Google Ads’ reach. However, the number of conversions is more important. Google Ads is no exception in this regard. According to evidence, paid traffic conversions are twice as high as organic traffic conversions. You can quickly become a top-ranked page in your industry if you have a landing page with a good message match and a focused design. Furthermore, you categorise users and serve them different content based on Google Analytics data.

5. There Is No Contract to Bind You

If you decide that the ads aren’t working for you, you can pause or terminate your campaign anytime. It’s really that simple. However, while running your ads account appears simple on the surface, for some, setting up and running a successful Google Ads campaign can take time and effort. Google is known to change its policies and how its ads work, and if you are not on top of it, your ads may stop running for a day or more, and in some cases a week, until Google notifies you.

6. Google Ads Works In Tandem With Your Other Marketing Channels

Google Ads works in tandem with your other marketing efforts. For example, remarketing is a particularly effective way to use Ads to target people who have expressed an interest in your company. With Google Ads remarketing, you can use a cookie to track previous visitors to your website (these people may have found you through social media, your blog, a click on a product page from a forwarded email, etc.). Your display ads will then “follow” them around the Internet, keeping your brand in people’s minds.

7. Increased ROI

This may appear contradictory, but you must spend on advertisements to save money. Google Ads provides an excellent ROI due to its demographic-based targeting capabilities. To maximise returns, you can use one of three bidding strategies. You could select either of them depending on the goals of your campaign. First, consider cost per click (CPC), which is how much you pay for each click on one of your ads. Second, cost per thousand viewable impressions (CPM), in which you pay based on the number of times your ad is viewed. Third is the cost per action (CPA), in which you pay for each significant user action.

8. Increasing Brand Awareness

Most digital marketing experts concentrate on leads, sales, and the reach of Google Ads. But, unfortunately, in the midst of all of this, they end up underestimating its brand-building potential. The average person spends more than 3 hours per day on the internet. It means your ad will most likely be seen by the same people multiple times. Whether or not they click on it, they become acquainted with your brand and its offerings.

9. Capabilities For Targeting

Marketers and salespeople understand the value of high-quality leads. Finally, your ad campaign should achieve your brand’s goals. With Google’s algorithms improving daily, you can confidently reach your target audience. You can bid on long-tail keywords or shorter ones. While the former allows you to target high-intent potential customers, the latter may give you more traction with fewer leads.

10. You Only Pay For Outcomes.

The great thing about Pay Per Click advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, visits your website, or calls you. In other words, you only pay when your advertising is effective.


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