Previously, marketing was all about getting your brand in front of as many people as possible. However, in 2022, it will all come down to establishing an effective brand, engaging content, and judging the success of that content.

Social Media Marketing is one thing that will not change in 2022. The importance of keeping relevant in this field will either make or kill your brand. There is no doubt that if you strictly adhere to the following 5 social media trends for 2022, you will continue to be a leader in your market.

1. Expanding Your Social Channels and Campaigns

As marketers realise that Facebook marketing has a bleak future, with an average reach of 5.2 per cent for organic posts and an interaction rate of 0.25 per cent, looking for alternative platforms will become essential.

TikTok, which has grown to dominate the social media sphere, will be an excellent alternative. TikTok has recently surpassed 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, surpassing Instagram’s long-standing record. Top-performing content includes advertising shot footage, influencers opening items, lip-syncing to related audios, and staff having fun on the job. People visit TikTok for lighthearted fun rather than professionally produced videos. Fortunately, lo-fi short videos are simple to create because all you need is your phone.

2. “Reels” are Real!

Since Instagram rolled in Reels, it has been by a new wave. Many businesses have been using this feature to garner more traction and views. Consumer expectations are shifting, and Reels have already gained traction among Instagram’s one billion monthly active users. By tapping the Reel at the top of the screen, Invested users can access the never-ending Reels feed on the Explore page. Maintaining your brand’s relevance and profitability requires keeping up with consumer expectations, especially if your target demographic comprises millennials and Gen Z.

When you are strategising your social media marketing plan for 2022, try to schedule Reels as part of your content strategy.

3. Mobile users are your key demographic

The next social media trend for 2022 revolves around what you’re probably looking at right now: the smartphone. People spend about seven hours every day staring at a screen, the vast majority of which is on a mobile device. Mobile-First Marketing is breaking down the previously existing barriers between desktop and mobile marketing. In addition, mobile devices account for more than 75% of all video views.

Mobile has gone to the top of both consumers’ and marketers’ priority lists. A lively shopping centre with buzzing kiosks and in-person shopping may have been discovered ten years ago. With the click of a mouse, you can now order groceries, pay a bill, and watch an amusing video.

4. Make Your Brand a Community.

Last but not very least, the trend to keep in mind as we approach 2022 is to ensure that whichever platform you choose to expand your audience, you are also building a community around your brand’s objective. A brand’s driving force, the community, leverages social media to aid consumers in determining which brand is relevant to them.

The reaction of friends and influencers to a brand will be the most telling indicator. Cancel Culture is the result of a terrible move being scrutinised across multiple media outlets, which can lead to a company’s demise.

5. Make Your Content Conversational

Social media platforms have come up with features that make your content engaging and not one-sided. Make use of the poll, question, quiz, write a prompt (Instagram) features to increase traction if you’re creating Instagram or Facebook Stories.

This way your followers won’t swipe pass without checking your stories out, but they would spend a few minutes interacting with your content. This can also help you understand your potential customers better.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the ever-expanding phenomena that is social media. Particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, when organisations went to great lengths to attract the attention of the social media audience, social media may help you with everything from extending your consumer base to creating a strong brand reputation.

As 2022 approaches, we may anticipate that user intent will be the most significant aspect in creating high-quality content. Furthermore, social media communications can be more carefully prepared, allowing businesses to remove any hindrance to exceptional client interactions. These trends and expectations are a solid starting point for companies trying to remain ahead of the competition and reap long-term benefits. Organisations must be receptive and have adequate resources to fully capitalise on emerging trends.

Something that needs to be taken into consideration is that your followers don’t only want to see what you are marketing, they also want to have an interaction with you. We understand it could be difficult to plan your social media feed and also engage with your followers.

At Innovative Hub, we can help you plan your social media content which in turn will leave you more time to engage and answer queries from your followers. Contact us today, and let’s take it on from there.