8 May 2022, Sabah – The Asia Pacific Association celebrates its 22nd anniversary. The Asia Pacific TOP Outstanding President Award Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with this dinner and came to a successful culmination.

The dinner was jointly organized by  Asia Pacific Association, Sabah Tourism Association, and many well-known companies jointly organized the dinner. The attendees gathered to share the latest business strategy and resource integration to promote the implementation & investment of Sabah projects.

The Asia Pacific Association East Malaysia and Sabah Joint Committee members held a simple and solemn appointment ceremony during the night.

Y.B. Datuk Seri Panglima Yong Teck Lee JP, a beloved guest, urged successful people in business to investigate Sabah’s potential economic activities and assist Sabah in becoming a strong economy. The Asia Pacific Association has offices in several cities and members from 18 countries. These assists business people in leveraging existing contacts to trade with Sabah, attracting investors to Sabah, and strengthening Sabah’s global business network.

This dinner was an excellent opportunity for people in business to network and meet with business leaders from various industries.

Innovative Hub Malaysia’s Managing Director, Lee Ming Zhe, also was one of the entrepreneurs who attended this dinner, along with 400 other political and business leaders, business influencers, and corporate presidents. He was also invited to the stage with other West Malaysia entrepreneurs to conclude the night.

 “It is a privilege to be invited and network with other business leaders in the country. It is an excellent opportunity to pick the minds of industry leaders who have been on the scene for decades. I also feel incredibly fortunate to have been invited on stage with other business players from West Malaysia.”, said Lee.