Google ads are an excellent resource for increasing traffic to your website and attracting new customers to your services or products. However, selecting the appropriate type of advertisement can be difficult. Have you ever wondered how many different types of Google Ads there are? Is it just the two of us? Huh. That may be why we are the ones who work in digital marketing. Here’s a fun fact: 90% of people believe that advertisements successfully influence their purchasing decisions.

Google receives 259 million visitors per day and receives 4.8 billion interactions per day. Google Ads have a conversion rate of around 75%, and 63% of people have agreed to click on a Google Ad at least once. Those are some impressive figures! Google Ads has an incredible reach and a proven track record. Today, we’ll look at the five types of Google Ads and how you can use them to your advantage.

What Exactly Is Google Ads?

The world witnessed the emergence of Google Ads just two years after the launch of Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords until a 2018 rebranding, is a popular advertising platform classified as a Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing channel. Google Ads requires advertisers to pay for each ad click or impression.

Google Ads, popular among many businesses and marketers, is a highly effective way to attract customers through the convenience of the Internet. This platform works by assisting in generating website traffic, resulting in an increase in lead generation for your company.

One of the best features of Google Ads is that the platform takes your budget into account. So, whether you have a small or large budget, you can easily tailor your ads to your monthly budget. As a result, Google Ads can help your company reach new heights without breaking the bank. What more could you ask for from a marketing service?

Google Ads Types

Now that you understand the benefits and fundamentals of Google Ads, here are the different types of Google Ads or campaigns to be aware of.

1. Ads in Search Engines

Google Search ads appear alongside Google search results. Google ads are similar to regular advertisements. What sets them apart is instead of appearing in a newspaper or on the side of a bus, they appear directly beneath the search results. When a user searches for a product or service on Google, they will see an ad that is tailored to their needs.

Google search ads are targeted based not only on the user’s search history or data but also on the content of your website, the quality of your landing page, and a variety of other factors. As a result, the search results returned by Google are relevant to the user’s search query. Google bases search results’ relevance on user history.

Google search ads, also known as sponsored results, appear on Google search results based on several factors, such as your search term, AdWords campaign, location, device, time of day, and more. You can make your ad appear for one or more of these criteria. For example, if you’re a real estate agent in Mumbai, you can create an ad that only seems to people looking for houses in your area and only appears during the morning hours.

2. Display Advertisements

Google Display Ads, or PPC ads, are a highly effective online marketing tool. When someone searches for relevant keywords, Google Display ads appear on websites. These advertisements are intended to help you drive traffic to your website.

Google Display Ads are advertisements that appear alongside search results. The ad can appear anywhere on the page but must appear in a specific section. There are numerous types of Google display ads, each with its features. The one thing that all kinds of google ads have in common is that they need to be placed on a specific section of the page. This is where Google’s algorithm comes in, predicting what type of content will appear next to the ad and then displaying it there. As a result, ads appear in the same places all the time, such as at the top of a search result page or in the sidebar. When you click an ad, it takes you to the page that is on display for it. The most basic type of advertisement is click-through. You can select from various options for this type, including a drop-off location and the amount of time before it reappears. There are numerous types, ranging from transparent to scrollable and everything in between.

3. Video Ads

Google Video Ads are a type of advertisement that can be used for sales, marketing, and increasing conversion rates. They are short video, usually 30 to 60 seconds long, that runs as a commercial for your product or service and can include a call to action, text, video, or audio. They can be loaded on Google’s AdWords tool and placed on advertisements already running on the site. In addition, advertisers can customize the ads by specifying how long the video clip runs and where it will be placed on the page. Video Ads are essential for Google as they can convert visitors from passive viewers into active users.

4. Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads (or Google Shopping) are product listings for products on Google Shopping. They function differently than other Google ads, appearing next to search results to help customers find the required products. In order to run an ad campaign with Google Shopping Ads, businesses must first create a shopping list of their target customers, then set up their targeting parameters, obtain a list of customers who are likely to buy a specific product from their digital store, share relevant data in Google Adwords, and create a relevant landing page.

5. App Install Ads

App Install Ads are mobile app install ads that can be used to promote mobile apps. They are driven through Google’s AdMob platform, providing advertisers with statistics, impressions, clicks, and ad conversions. Most apps or games on the Android platform can be purchased using in-app purchase, while app installations are free. In-app purchases are when you pay for a product to operate within the app, while app installs are when you download and install the product onto your device. Unfortunately, this is not something most people consider when downloading a new piece of software, and it applies to all iOS apps as well.

To Sum It All Up

Google Ads is a broad platform that works well with email and social ads. They allow people to learn about products more personally, making it easier for businesses to sell. They also attract the right audience, allowing businesses to learn about potential customers for their products. Furthermore, businesses can use Google Ads to advertise their website, an excellent way to increase traffic and sales. It is also a good idea for organizations that want to promote their products to improve their market position. Get in touch with us to get your Google Ads up today!