Digital Marketing has become the norm among business owners and entrepreneurs because of how accessible the Internet is today. As the number of Internet users increases worldwide on a daily basis, Digital Marketing is the best and most convenient way to connect with people because people spend most of their time on the Internet running errands, using it for entertainment, and shopping.

Digital Marketing refers to advertising that can be done through digital channels such as social media platforms, search engines, websites, emails, and mobile applications. Using these digital channels, business owners and entrepreneurs market their goods, services, and their brand to consumers who use these digital channels. Consumers heavily rely on these digital channels to research products that they are interested in. According to Statista, online shopping has increased by 20.5% on Amazon from 2019 to 2020. This statistic shows that the number of consumers that shop online is increasing rapidly and this shows that business owners and entrepreneurs can immensely benefit from digital marketing. Different digital channels are aimed at different demographics of consumers such as emails and websites are aimed towards consumers of older age whereas social media and mobile applications are aimed towards consumers of younger age.

Social Media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are digital channels that can be used by entrepreneurs and business owners to increase brand awareness, drive traffic into their business’s websites, and generate leads for their business. There are multiple types of Digital Marketing through social media such as Native Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Sponsored Content, and more. All these different types of Digital Marketing are used on different social media platforms based on how and what is being advertised to the consumers.

Digital Marketing Strategies through Social Media

One of the most used strategies of digital marketing through social media used by business owners and entrepreneurs is Influencer Marketing which is to endorse social media influencers to mention their products online to their dedicated social media followers. This is because of the number of social media influencers that are increasing day by day and the large number of followers that they have garnered. This method can also be called influencer marketing which is endorsing social. This is an easy way to reach a target audience as social media influencers are viewed as experts within their niche and their followers most likely have interests in the same niche as the influencers that they follow. Influencer Marketing works because of the high amounts of trust that social media followers have in the influencers that they follow and a good recommendation from them would be enough to convince them to try a new product, brand or service.

Other than Influencer Marketing, another common method used by business owners and entrepreneurs is to host virtual events. These virtual events could include giveaways, contests, online games and even virtual festivals. These events are organised by business owners and entrepreneurs because they are able to attract a large audience who have an interest in a product or services that are offered by business owners and entrepreneurs. Events like this will be able to create high traffic towards business owners and entrepreneurs websites or products as it creates a lot of buzz surrounding your business or products as people will share that event on their social media account which extends the reach of your event towards a wider demographic audience.

Pay Per Click Marketing is also a form of digital marketing through social media where business owners and entrepreneurs can place advertisements of their company and products online and will have to pay social media platforms such as Facebook for every time a consumer clicks on their advertisements. There are two types of PPC marketing, namely, Affiliate Marketing and Marketing Automation.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based advertising where business owners and entrepreneurs pay commission to someone else for promoting their products and services and this includes video ads on YouTube and posting affiliate links from different social media accounts.

Marketing Automation is a system that allows you to set a time and date for you to post an advertisement on social media and other digital platforms. This system allows repetitive marketing actions to be done automatically rather than manually. Online PR is the practice of securing earned online coverage with digital publications, blogs, and other websites. This includes engaging online reviews of your company and engaging comments on your company’s website and blog.

In conclusion, social media has had a large impact on social media because of how large of a following that social media has garnered over the last few years and as the percentage of social media users increase rapidly on a yearly basis. There are many ways for business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise their product, brand, and services through social media, and the results of digital marketing through social media have been nothing short of amazing compared to traditional marketing.