The goal of a company is to maximise its marketing efforts, convert leads into revenue, and connect with its target audience. “Do Google Ads help the business grow?” is a frequently asked question by businesses. Yes, this is correct! Consumers are constantly researching and finding products and services they are interested in using search engines such as Google in this fast-paced and ever-changing digital world. Therefore, it must be visible and easy to find to get your consumer’s attention on your ad. Imagine reaching your target audience when they open their network, and your brand is noticed immediately: Google Ads.

Google Ads Benefits For Your Business

Have you ever considered how frequently you use Google to find information about products or services? Consider this: many users go online to find information, research products, and compare products or services by reading reviews or contacting the company directly. In this context, having text or video ads prompting users about your business whenever they conduct a search that includes “keywords” relevant to your business allows users to see the ads immediately! With over 95% of mobile ad clicks going to Google Ads campaigns, have you ever considered how many potential customers and conversions you could achieve? Google Ads provides advertisers with a solution to increase your customized marketing objectives based on your needs.

1. Effective Targeting

With Google’s numerous targeting options, business owners can ensure their advertisement is only shown to potential customers. Businesses can target their customers based on geographical location, age, keywords, etc. They can also select the time of day when their ads will be shown to their targeted audience. A typical example that many businesses use is running ads only Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This example is typical because companies are closed or operate slower on weekends. This can aid in maximizing ad spend.

2. Target Particular Devices

Following a 2013 update, Google Ads allows businesses to specify which devices their ads will be displayed on. The search network can be accessed via desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. In addition, businesses can use the display network to target devices like iPhones or Windows. Bid adjustments enable automatic bid increases or decrease on devices more likely to convert on your site. Analyse conversion and e-commerce data in Analytics.

3. Increase Sales

A well-executed Google ad campaign can drive more customers to your shop or website, where they can purchase your products. For instance, a local coffee shop could offer 10% off fresh ground coffee to anyone who clicks on their ads. The discount could be applied to online orders or as a coupon for customers visiting the coffee shop in person. The more customers who buy your products, the more likely they will continue buying and recommending them to others.

4. Drive Visitors

Getting enough web traffic is critical whether you run a personal blog, an independent news site, or an online store. An effective Google ads campaign can increase the number of visitors to your website and make your company more competitive. More traffic means more sales, readers, followers, and so on. If your website relies on advertising or sponsorships, increasing page views may make it more appealing to companies looking to promote their products or services.

5. Generating Leads

If your company offers a service, an ad campaign could bring in customers looking for that service on Google. For example, a local law firm specialising in personal injury claims could run advertisements offering free consultations to anyone searching for “workplace injury,” “car accident injury,” and other relevant keywords. Often, a company will only go through a few leads before finding a new client. A Google ad campaign can help businesses quickly generate more leads and find clients.

6. Predictable Outcomes

Moreover, unlike most other forms of advertising, Google Ads has a high degree of predictability. This removes a lot of the uncertainty and allows you to operate at a level where you know you’ll make a profit. Google Ads allows you to test which demographics, keywords, devices, and headlines work best. You can bid lower on less profitable terms and keywords and higher on more profitable ones. You can increase your budget by catering to the terms that have proven to be predictable, dependable, and consistent in bringing in a steady flow of quality leads for your company.

7. Keyword Targeting with High Intent

Google Ads displays results based on the user’s intent. That means your ads will appear in front of people actively looking for your company’s offerings. You can even improve the effectiveness of your ads by targeting keywords that indicate ready-to-buy intent so that your ad appears in front of people searching with their wallets out.

8. Remarketing Ease

With nearly everyone globally using one or more Google products, the opportunities for remarketing are limitless. In addition, your remarketing ads can be displayed on various platforms.

9. Quick Results

You could spend several months or up to a year attempting to fit all of the necessary pieces of the SEO puzzle to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page, or you could skip all that hard work and instead opt for a Google Ads campaign. SEO is a long-term strategy that works well when you have the time (weeks and months) to develop it fully.

However, Google Ads set up in the late morning could send you hot leads by early afternoon, which would be the results of a typical day. Once you’ve established your parameters (keywords, headlines, geo market, bids, and landing page), you can start seeing results.

10. Top Of The SERPs Before Everyone Else

Are you pining for the top of Google search engine results in pages for the keywords you’re after? With Google Ads, you can outperform them all. Google Ads and Google Shopping ads appear at the top of search results pages, even ahead of the top organic Google search engine results.


Google Ad campaigns provide enough benefits for any online business to consider them. However, to fully leverage the power of this search engine marketing tactic, some level of skill is required. Therefore, eternity has prioritized assisting businesses like yours in maximizing the return on investment from their websites and marketing. We would love to hear from you to see how we can assist.