If you are already using Instagram for marketing or considering making a transition to the platform; it is paramount that you keep up with the current Instagram trends. With over a billion monthly active users, 90 per cent of Instagram users follow at least one business on the platform. This makes it easy for you to get lost in the massive crowd that has such an expansive user base.

By focusing on the Instagram marketing trends we’ve provided here, you’ll be able to create an effective Instagram marketing plan as well as high-quality material that will spark your followers’ interest. Here are the trends that we think you should keep a lookout for:

1. The Use of Instagram Link Stickers Will Increase

We anticipated a year ago that more businesses (regardless of size) would utilise the swipe-up functionality to build links in their Instagram Stories instead of relying on a single link in their profile. Instagram, on the other hand, had a different notion. They discontinued the swipe-up function in August, but not before offering an interesting new option for businesses and influencers to incorporate links in their Stories.

Link Stickers are the most recent interactive stickers that you may apply to your Stories. Link Stickers, like other Instagram stickers, have a standardised appearance — a rectangular block with a URL on a white backdrop. Users may touch on the sticker to be sent to the desired website.

Despite Instagram previously restricting Link stickers to accounts with more than 10,000 followers (the same requirement as the former Swipe Up function), it became accessible to all users in late October 2021.

2. Instagram Stories Could Get Longer

Instagram is exploring 60-second Stories as the year 2021 comes to a close. Previously, larger videos in Stories were broken up into 15-second parts. In addition, you may now include music and effects to an entire video, rather than just overlaying the 15-second parts.

This allows viewers of your Stories to watch them with fewer interruptions. It also provides fresh options for you to develop content that communicates your narrative and piques your target audience’s interest.

3. Instagram’s Affiliate and New Shop Features Will Be Used More by Creators

In 2021, Instagram announced new opportunities for creators to earn money on the site. One advancement was the opportunity for chosen creators to tag items from the companies with which they collaborate or utilise Shops if they have their own product line.

Instagram is currently piloting a unique affiliate platform that allows artists to find new products that are accessible at checkout, share them with their audience, and earn rewards on the sales they generate. When users come across an affiliate post from a creator that features a tagged product, they notice ‘eligible for commission’ at the top of the post, indicating that their purchases aid that author. This opens up a new avenue for collaborating with and rewarding content producers who share their work.

Content creators who already have their own product lines may now link their store to both their personal and commercial profiles, allowing them to exhibit and sell their items directly to fans. By associating their account with selected goods partners, they can also build up a new shop and generate excitement with unique product releases from the Instagram app.

4. Instagram’s Use Of Reels Will Increase

Reels, Instagram’s answer to TikTok, allows users to create and edit 15-second video clips. Reels was released in August 2020 and are now accessible in over 50 countries. While TikTok influencers who have built a following on the platform are unlikely to abandon the platform simply because Instagram has a TikTok competitor, Reels is a great option for capitalising on TikTok-style content, trends, and challenges without having to move to another platform and rebuild their audience.

Instagram Reels may help brands with their marketing strategy in a variety of ways. For starters, even if you’re not planning to generate content on TikTok, staying informed about what’s going on on the site may be really beneficial. You may then be among the first creators to introduce those trends on Instagram Reels.

5. Content Is Still #1

It should unsurprising that content remains the most crucial consideration when developing an Instagram marketing campaign. There are various content marketing tools that may assist you in creating fantastic Instagram content, but don’t get too caught up in the production value. We’ve observed a trend toward raw and genuine content from Instagram influencers and marketers in recent years, and that tendency will likely continue.

Of course, this does not imply that you may capture and distribute everything you want. You’ll note that the posts contain high-quality, attention-grabbing photos. This increases the credibility of your brand.

6. In-App Purchases

Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for all of their buying requirements, from apparel to groceries to automobiles. Given that 70% of buyers currently use Instagram to locate new items (Facebook), it only makes sense that Instagram is making it easier for users to shop without ever leaving the platform.

Consumers are anticipated to boost their online buying activities if the epidemic continues to disrupt plans until 2022. Shoppable posts appear in your feed with a small shopping bag in the lower-left corner on the Instagram mobile app, and you can tap the goods to read more information about them.

Creating and managing an Instagram account is a feat on its own. Especially, if you are running a business with a small team and do not have a designated person to plan and manage your page. We at Innovative Hub are specialised in creating posts and managing Instagram pages. Contact us today and discover how can we help you to ease your process.