1. The Use of Social Media as a Shopping Platform

As internet buying got more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. Social media outlets began to gain popularity as shopping channels since people could not go out of their homes to do their shopping when malls were closed. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest now have shopping features that companies may use.

With people globally spending an average of 145 minutes per day on social media, it makes sense to have a presence where your target audience spends their time online. In 2022, social commerce will grow. Users appreciate the fast buying experience, and social media pays attention to their audience and makes required modifications.

Facebook, for example, is investing in expanding the Facebook Pay feature and making the purchasing process as simple as possible by offering one-click purchasing options. Live Stream sales are another option that is progressively gaining popularity. This began with Instagram and was later adopted by Facebook and TikTok live.

It offers an interactive buying experience, with a presenter promoting the goods and the audience able to ask questions and communicate with other consumers through chat.

2. Bite-Size Video Content’s Popularity Continues Rising

The emergence of video-based social media site TikTok, as well as the emergence of Instagram Reels, Twitter Fleets, and YouTube Shorts, demonstrates that short-form video content continues to thrive and spread across all social media platforms. This trend is expected to continue in 2022, as videos have greater engagement rates than any other sort of material.

Users want interesting material and to see something fresh every day when they scroll through brief video content on social media. Social media sites expand on this by allowing users to publish bite-sized movies or content that expires after 24 hours. To attract an audience with a shrinking attention span, businesses must produce fresh content and get that vital point over in only a few seconds.

3. Trend Shifting from Influencer to Content Creator

Influencer marketing was already on its way to becoming an essential component of effective marketing strategies across a wide range of organisations and sectors prior to the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this process, as has the transition from influencer to content creator.

Instead of collaborating with well-known faces, businesses are increasingly looking for prominent producers that create high-quality content to share with their niche’s loyal audience. In 2022, this form of micro-influencer marketing will continue to flourish. The emphasis here is on a content creator’s personal relationship with their audience. This helps develop trust and faith in the brand because we usually trust the person we are following with their choices.

Computer-generated imagery, or CGI influences, is the most recent advancement to watch in this arena. These are made by teams who combine computer-generated photos and a manicured online presence to depict scenes from influencers’ virtual lives on social media platforms such as Instagram.

4. Customer Service On Social Media Is A Must

If you’re planning to use social media to promote your brand, it is important to use your direct messages as a customer service platform as well. A social media trend that has been developing for quite some time and will continue to grow in line with consumer expectations is that social media has evolved into a customer care platform. Customers expect firms to respond promptly and deliver outstanding customer service on their social networks because they have easy access to them.

Businesses must invest in social media aware customer support staff to keep up with the demand, whether it’s reacting to comments or DMs. Avoiding answering queries and offering help on social media may be detrimental to your brand as negative feedback accumulates.

Instead of dismissing your target audience’s problems, reply to them and build a relationship between your company and its consumers. As you give the now-expected outstanding customer service on social, you have the potential to create trust and foster brand loyalty.

5. The Popularity Of Live Streams Continues To Rise

Live streaming will become increasingly more popular. This sort of video marketing has witnessed consistent growth, notably during the epidemic. Many companies have begun to use live videos for big announcements since changes in the social media landscape’s algorithms have preferred live content over all other posts.

Because everyone had to interact digitally during the epidemic, users have grown accustomed to live conversations. This does not imply that you may just switch on the live webcam to say hello. Make a strategy and produce valuable material that is engaging, trendy, and answers your audience’s queries.

This is your opportunity to interact with your consumers and develop trust in your business. Instead of becoming a faceless corporation, you may create a more personal connection by providing important information such as behind-the-scenes footage and Q&As. If you take a leap of faith, you’ll notice that your potential customers will begin to identify the faces they see in your live streaming. When they visit your shop, they will request to speak with their trusted social media representative.

6. More Advanced AI and Automation for More Optimization

In 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will go even further. These technological advancements will increasingly be incorporated into social media marketing. AI-powered solutions will increasingly assist businesses in measuring their success, better understanding customer behaviour, and identifying patterns.

Businesses may utilise AI to decide what to post and when to post it. They can make judgments based on recommendations gleaned from data that might otherwise be too complicated or time-consuming to evaluate. AI can analyse social media material and sentiment to speed up the social listening process and help you communicate with your audience.

Chatbots powered by AI save money and time for customer service organisations by answering basic questions. With its 24/7 availability and speed, this technology will continue to progress and improve consumer happiness.

Keeping up with the ever-changing digital marketing trend could be a handful and daunting especially if you are a newbie or have a very small team to work with. Regardless, we hope that you found this article helpful. Should you need help with social media management, our team at Innovative Hub is available. Contact us for more information.